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All that your industry needs in one place.

24/7 industrial emergencies

A comprehensive product line for your industry.


Electric motors and gear reducers

Available in multiple capacities for most applications and industries.


Conveyor belts for all industries.

For heavy and light use. Also available built-to-order transporters and iddlers.


All type of industrial bearings

Bearings and enclosed bearings for most applications and industries, with optional installation service.

Some of the brands we distribute


Serving industries for +35 years.

Driven by customer-first philosophy, with service, commercial and logistics strategies, now +35 years later Prosain has become among the leading providers for different industries in Guatemala, diligently working to fulfill their requirements with a permanent sense of urgency, using innovative services such as nation-wide delivery and on-site installation, providing assistance to urgent requirements throughout expert imports services for expedited deliveries reducing downtimes in industries.

Workshop services.

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