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We are the integral solution for the industry.

Serving the industry since 1987

Prosain was founded +35 years ago to fulfill the industrial market request for reliable bearings, parts and equipment. Founded as a family-owned business, Prosain quickly grown by providing reliable and personalized products and services with assistance and support for the industries in Guatemala.


Driven by customer-first philosophy, with service, commercial and logistics strategies, now +35 years later Prosain has become among the leading providers for different industries in Guatemala, diligently working to fulfill their requirements with a permanent sense of urgency, using innovative services such as nation-wide delivery and on-site installation, providing assistance to urgent requirements throughout expert imports services for expedited deliveries reducing downtimes in industries.

We are Prosain.

We are the integral solution for the industries, providing products, parts, and custom-made equipment to meet your industrial requests.


Acting with a permanent sense of urgency, we provide fast and reliable services to our customers, partnering with the most recognized global brands, employing highly qualified personnel and technicians, and a company-owned metal mechanic workshop with comprehensive portfolio of services, such as metalworking for customized parts, manufacture and adjustment of parts, design and manufacture of transporters, elevator buckets, special axes, gears and drillings, among others services. Our technicians are qualified to perform lathe works, industrial brushes, welding, maintenance, and hot or cold vulcanizing of conveyor belts of up to 100” width with ALMEX Group certification, among other industrial services.


We strive to provide a service that meet and exceed your requirements, with innovative solutions, adapting to your needs, with support and assistance throughout the process, and permanent after-sales service backed by our experience and quality.


With solid financials and qualified personnel, we perform projects that increases the performance of your industries by optimizing processes and reducing downtimes due to machinery breaks or maintenances.


We have a stocked warehouse, with nation-wide delivery and optional on-site installations, our experienced imports and sales personnel assist you with your urgent requirements. This among all our products and services makes us the perfect partners for your industry.


To be the leading national supplier for industrial equipment and parts, with the scope to attend the Central American region with our most important brands.


We are a trustworthy and dynamic company, providing efficient solutions to customers’ requirements by means of excellence, quality and service from our highly qualified personnel.

Our Values

We work under a culture of values since our foundation:


We perform actions to supply products and services to meet our customers' requirements in time, cost and with quality. 


We are focused on caring for our customer's needs, striving to fulfill their requirements.

Discipline for business

We strive to comply, in a quick and ordered manner.

Change readiness

We continuously initiate and respond to small and big changes as needed. We are permanently adapting in order to increase our productivity upon markets' requests.


We prevent and act with positivism, anticipating possible future situations to earn and keep our customers' trust.


We comply with our work rules, policies, directions and law, recognizing the hierarchy of authority.

Sense of urgency

We decide and act as fast as possible to solve our customers' request ASAP.


We are permanently researching and developing improved solutions for our customers. We take the initiative in a brave and responsible way.


We never give up. We perform in a permanent steady persistence to fulfill our customers' requests.


We fulfill our customers' request with knowledge, experience and responsibility.


We celebrate our success but also take responsibility and corrective actions for our errors.

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