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Workshop services

Prosain's metal mechanic workshop offers a wide array of services such as repairs, modifications and manufacture of parts, transporters, elevators for buckets, special axis, gears, drills and many more services with the highest quality standards.

Our highly trained personnel provides services in lathe, milling, welding, industrial maintenance among other services.

Transporters (design & manufacture)

  • For heavy duties.

  • For light duties.

  • Helical transporters.

  • Arc welding (SMAW) TIG (GTAW).

Lathe and milling

  • Manufacture of sprockets, pulleys and flanges.

  • Axis and rollers.

  • Industrial mountings.

  • Couplings.

Conveyor services

  • On-site hot or cold vulcanization service, for conveyors up to 100” width.

  • Elevator buckets.

  • Fastening systems.

  • Vulcanization of profiles and rails.

On-site installations

  • Electric motors.

  • Gear reducers.

  • Industrial machinery.

  • Compressed air tubing.

  • Hydraulic equipment.

Electrical systems

  • Motor’s installations.

  • Electrical control panels mounting and design.

  • Energy saving solutions.

  • Frequency variations monitoring.

Maintenance and repairs

  • Electric motors.

  • Industrial machinery.

  • Gear reducers.

  • Gear systems.

  • Electric systems.

Expert assistance

  • Conveyor belts.

  • Electric motors and electrical systems.

  • Industrial mountings.

  • Transmission systems.

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